Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Open Casting Call for UK Feature Film

Open Casting Call for UK Feature Film developed with the BFI


Rose Wicksteed | Casting is looking for a LEAD MALE for a British feature film supported by the BFI.

JIM - Age 18-24
Attractive. He should have an edge to him, a sexiness and charisma. Everyone falls in love with him.

Shooting May/June 2013 in London.

No acting experience necessary. Can be from anywhere in the UK.


The WRITER/DIRECTOR is Steve Mclean whose first feature film was nominated in the US at the Independent Spirit Awards & at Sundance Film Festival. This will be his second feature.

The PRODUCER is Gavin Emerson who has previously been nominated for 3 BAFTA awards.

If you would like to be considered, please email us a recent photo and the following details as soon as possible.

1) Full Name
2) Date of Birth
3) Age
4) Where you live i.e village, town, city.

Email to: THIS CASTING IS NOW CLOSED and put Postcards from London Casting and your full name in the email subject.

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Monday, January 28, 2013

Charlie Rowe stars in Walking With Dinosaurs 3D

16 year old Charlie Rowe, who starred as a young Andrew Garfield in Never Let Me Go and as Peter Pan in Sky's Neverland, has just wrapped filming in New Zealand on Walking With Dinosaurs 3D.

Charlie (represented by ARG) will play one of  two brothers looking to follow in their father's footsteps, which leads them to a showdown with dinosaurs in the Arctic.

Based on the popular BBC multi-platform franchise, which includes the television series, live show and merchandising, the film Walking With Dinosaurs 3D will chronicle the adventures of an undersized but intrepid Pachyrhinosaur living in the Cretaceous period (over 70 million years ago).

The film will use live-action footage of scenery and CGI creatures to create an intimate and engaging 3D adventure for the entire family, transporting audiences to a breathtaking prehistoric world when dinosaurs ruled the Earth.

The film is co-directed by Neil Nightingale, Creative Director BBC Earth, and Barry Cook, and written by John Collee (Happy Feet).

 This co-production from Evergreen Films, and Reliance Entertainment, with BBC Earth is set to hit cinemas on December 20th 2013, and will be distributed in the US by 20th Century Fox.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Seeking Sudanese talent for major feature film

JESSICA RONANE CASTING are looking for SUDANESE talent for a Major Motion Picture being made by the Producers of films such as Apollo 13, Lincoln, The Help and The Blind Side.

Sudanese Men, Women and Children are wanted for Lead and Supporting roles in the movie called The Good Lie. It is inspired by the true stories of the Sudanese ‘Lost Boys’ from the Kakuma refugee camp and their new lives once they emigrate to the USA.

Filming will begin in March/April 2013.

We are looking for:
MEN and WOMEN – 18-25 years old 
BOYS and GIRLS – 6-14 years old

If someone would like to be considered for the film, please could they email two photos to

One photo should be a full-body shot, the other a close-up of the face.
We also encourage people to submit a short, informal video introducing themselves. They can either email the video to or send a link from YouTube, Vimeo, or via a filesharing site like YouSendIt.

Please include the following information in the email:
-Phone Number 

Then please tell us a little about yourself. Where were you born? Where do you live? What languages do you speak?

If you would like anymore information about the project please contact or visit


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Young cast join Matt Smith's directorial debut

Filming begins next week on Cargese, a drama in the Sky Arts series Playhouse Presents, which will be the directorial debut of Doctor Who Matt Smith.

Cargese, described by Sky Arts as a "unique piece of poetic realism which mines the tragic seam of adolescent love and loss", will star Submarine star Craig Roberts, Offender star Joe Cole (represented by Troika) and 17 year old Avigail Tlalim (represented by United Agents) who made her TV debut last year in ITV's The Town.

The young cast play a group of disaffected teenagers in south London, with the Cargèse of the title being a village on the west coast of Corsica which is wistfully mentioned by one of the characters.

Written by award-winning playwright Simon Stephens, Cargese will air on Sky Arts 1 on 25 April 2013.

Friday, January 11, 2013

First look at The Physician

The first teaser trailer is out for Beta Cinema’s film adaptation of Noah Gordon’s international bestseller, The Physician, starring British actor Tom Payne, alongside Ben Kingsley and Stellan Skarsgard.

Tom, originally from Bath, is a graduate of CSSD and played Brett Aspinall in two of the early series of Waterloo Road, as well as starring as George Best in the ITV drama Best:His Mother's Son. He has recently been seen as a regular in HBO's acclaimed series Luck, and in Hiam Abbass's directorial debut, Inheritance.

The Physician tells the story of Rob Cole (Tom Payne) who as a boy is left a penniless orphan in an 11th-century English mining town when his mother dies of a mysterious illness. Vowing to become a physician and vanquish death itself, he travels to Persia to study medicine under the great Ibn Sina (Ben Kingsley). Through countless ordeals and challenges, and making many sacrifices along the way, he struggles on unwaveringly. His unflagging quest for knowledge leads to the blossoming of friendship and true love.

12 year old Adam Thomas Wright (represented by Susie Earnshaw Management) plays the young Rob Cole as a boy. Adam has an impressive list of credits including The Awakening, and most recently CBBC's Stepping Up.

Check out the teaser trailer from Germany below:

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Plastic starts shooting in Florida

Filming has started today in Florida on Plastic,a fast paced thriller from BAFTA-nominated director Julian Gilbey, based on a true story.

24 year old Ed Speleers (represented by Independent Talent) leads the cast as Sam – a young credit card fraudster who crosses the wrong man and has to pull off a massive con job in order to win his freedom. Ed can currently be seen in Series 3 of Downton Abbey, and also recently starred in werewolf comedy-horror feature Love Bite.

Will Poulter, who last year filmed alongside Jennifer Aniston in We Are The Millers, plays fellow university student Fordy, who helps run the credit card fraud scheme with characters Yatesy, played by Game of Thrones's Alfie Allen and Gurmet played by Skins star Sebastian De Souza (represented by Waring & McKenna).

The film follows the fortunes of the young group of students when they fall foul of a sadistic crime boss. They are given two weeks to raise £2 million – otherwise they must face the consequences...

Using a series of smart cons, the guys fly off to Miami and target Florida’s big spenders and their credit cards. But as greed and jealousy threaten the friends, they need one last heist before their past catches up with them...

Set in London and Miami, Plastic is described as an ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ for the next generation and is set for international cinema release in the summer of 2013.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

First look at Sam Claflin with Jennifer Lawrence in Catching Fire

Filming has recently wrapped in Hawaii on the second film in the Hunger Games series, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire which sees the return of Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss, alongside British star Sam Claflin as Finnick Odair, her new ally.

After he won his Hunger Games for District 4 when he was 14 thanks to his prowess with a trident, Finnick’s rakish good looks and louche charm helped him become something of a celebrity in the Capitol. Along with Katniss and Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson), the 24-year-old Finnick is among the previous champions forced to return to the arena for the 75th annual Hunger Games, also known as the Quarter Quell. Katniss is initially wary of him , but Finnick proves to be a powerful ally once they get to the arena.

The pair can also be seen on the cover of Entertainment Weekly:

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is due to be released on November 21st 2013.

The final part of the series, Mockingjay, will follow franchises like Harry Potter and Twilight and be split into two parts.

The first is lined up for release on 21st November 2014, with the concluding part out on 20th November 2015.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Feature film opportunity

Amy Hubbard is casting the feature film Our Robot Overlords and looking for suggestions for the lead boy, Sean.

Aged 15-18, handsome, our hero. Tenacious, optimistic and full of energy.
He’s convinced his father is still alive, and will do anything to find him, and everyone will tell him it’s a lost cause. But he never loses his faith, he grits his teeth and never, ever gives up.

Please send a picture and your contact details to THIS CASTING IS NOW CLOSED

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ironclad: Battle for Blood

The sequel to the Warner Brother's film 'Ironclad' is now filming in Serbia.

It’s 1216, just one year after the battle at Rochester Castle, and a new enemy threatens English life that’s far more terrifying than King John - bands of Celtic raiders, stealing livestock and killing anyone who gets in their way. After the death of their father at the hands of these raiders, siblings Hubert, Blanche and Kate and their cousin Guy our determined to defeat them, once and for all.

22 year old Tom Rhys-Harries (represented by Ken McReddie Associates) stars as Hubert, first time in battle, but determined to lead the fight for his family. Tom, from Cardiff, is a graduate of the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, previously appeared in Welsh musical feature film Hunky Dory alongside Minnie Driver, and more recently featured on TV in Parade's End.

25 year old Tom Austen (represented by United Agents) is Cousin Guy, Guy is no longer the naïve idealist he once was, but a hardened sword-for-hire... Tom, who played all-American jock Mac in Channel 4's Beaver Falls, has recently completed filming a French thriller detective series called Jo. Originally from Taunton, he's a graduate of Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

18 year old Rosie Day (represented by United Agents) who recently played the lead in indie horror/thriller feature The Seasoning House, plays the youngest sibling Kate.

Hollyoaks and Game of Thrones star Roxanne Mckee is elder sister Blanche.

The film is written by Jonathan English and Steven McDool who also wrote Ironclad.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Classes for child actors

We are an Established Agency with Adult and Child clients, and run after school and weekend Drama and Lamda Classes for Child Actors in London and the Surrounding areas. 

You do not have to be represented by us to attend. 

Open to all ages. 

If interested pleased email the office on

We do 30 minute Lamda training for the grades and also Masterclasses and Workshops led by experienced actors.