Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Glasgow Girls casting news

Back in March open auditions, advertised on Screenterrier, were held in London and Glasgow for a new BBC drama Glasgow Girls.

Now the cast of the 60-minute factual and musical drama has been announced.

Waterloo Road star Kirstie Steele plays Jennifer, and Shetland star Erin Armstrong plays Emma, two of the local Glasgow teenagers, Roma refugee Agnesa is played by Identity Agency's Olivia Popica, Amal by My Brother The Devil's Letitia Wright, Aruhan Galieva (represented by Sally Hope Associates), a talented singer and musician plays Roza, Ewelina and Toni-Lee are played by newcomers Effie Scott and Kirsty Pickering.

The drama is based on the  inspirational true story of a group of schoolgirls whose petition to save their friend from deportation inspired a movement, which would eventually help change immigration practices in Scotland.

When 15-year-old Agnesa Murselaj, a Roma from Kosovo, and pupil at Glasgow’s Drumchapel High, was taken by Immigration officers in a dawn raid, her friends refused to let her go without a fight. As she and her family awaited deportation at a detention centre in London, fellow pupils Amal, from Somalia; Roza, from Kurdistan; Ewelina, a Polish Roma; and local Drumchapel teenagers Emma, Jennifer and Toni-Lee, banded together to campaign for her release.

What started as a school petition grew into one of the most memorable human rights campaigns of a generation as they lobbied the Home Office, challenged the First Minister in public, and won the support of their community.

Gary Lewis plays Drumchapel High’s bilingual support teacher Euan Girvan,  and Greg Hemphill takes on the role of First Minister of Scotland Jack McConnell.

The story of the girls’ campaign was originally captured in an Amnesty International award-winning BBC Scotland documentary in 2005 and has since inspired a stage musical. Now, this talented young cast will bring a whole new version of the Glasgow Girls story to life for the screen with contemporary musical moments enhancing the story and themes.

It was commissioned by Zai Bennett, Former Controller, BBC Three, who said: "Glasgow Girls is a thrilling blend of true story, high drama and musical storytelling. Only a channel like BBC Three would attempt to re-tell a hard hitting immigration story in this way."

The film was directed by Brian Welsh who co-wrote the script with Joe Barton, produced by Kate Cook for Minnow Films and is part of the BBC’s year-long contribution to the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Young cast leads new Sky1 sitcom After Hours

James Tarpey leads the young cast in a new Sky1 sitcom series After Hours which has just started filming in Manchester.

He stars as Willow Hannigan, an 18 year-old jobless music lover who's just had his heart broken for the first time.

James (represented by United Agents) is a graduate of the Brit School, he played a young Eddie Marsan in Brit sci-fi comedy feature film World's End, and will next be seen in sci-fi action feature Our Robot Overlords.

Georgina Campbell (represented by Bloomfields Welch Management) plays Willow's ex-girlfriend Jasmine. Georgina, appeared in ITV's The Ice Cream Girls, and can currently be seen starring in the harrowing BBC Three docudrama Murdered By My Boyfriend.

Newcomer Fergus Van Gelder plays Willow's best friend Chris.

There are no jobs in the small Northern town Willow lives in, his beautiful ex-girlfriend has moved on to someone new and most of his mates have gone away to university whilst he's been left behind, living with his parents. The only thing that keeps him sane, other than his best friend Chris is listening to local internet radio show After Hours, which is run from a canal boat by Lauren (played by Jaime Winstone) and Ollie (played by Rob Kendrick)

Father Ted star Ardal O'Hanlon plays Willow's dad, Peter Hannigan, an ex-milkman who found himself jobless when the big supermarket opened, who is married to Anna (Susan Cookson), a woman who would secretly love a job at the new supermarket. The series will also feature John Thomson as Geoff, Peter's best friend who finds sanctuary on the Hannigan's sofa.

Written by John Osborne and Molly Naylor, the 6x30 minute episodes are being produced by production company Jellylegs, which previously made The Café for Sky1.

Early Doors and The Royle Family star Craig Cash is directing the show. He said of the show: "John and Molly have created a world which is not only very funny but has genuine warmth at its heart. It's a pleasure to be working with such talented new writers and a cast of great comic actors".

Commissioner Lucy Lumsden added: "After Hours is a beautifully written series about growing up in a small Northern town which will capture the hearts of our Sky1 customers. We're delighted to be working with Craig Cash again."

After Hours will be shown on Sky1 sometime in 2015.

Casting call for Disney's The Jungle Book

We recommend that applicants in the UK contact the London casting office directly on to arrange a potential audition.

Scream Management books open for 6 - 19 year olds

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Katie Morag to return for second series

Katie Morag will return for a second series airing on both CBeebies and CBBC - the first time the two channels have co-commissioned a series.
This second series will see some episodes shown exclusively on CBeebies allowing the current audience to enjoy more adventures from Katie Morag McColl, while other episodes will be shown on CBBC allowing the series to explore slightly more complex storylines and themes aimed at the CBBC audience.

Katie Morag stars 8 year old Cherry Campbell as the feisty red-headed girl who lives with her family on the magical island of Struay.  Based on the hugely popular series of books by Mairi Hedderwick, the stories celebrate the intrinsic sense of community, the preciousness of the environment and the universal tensions and joys of family life.

The first series of Katie Morag won the RTS Scotland Children’s Award at the inaugural RTS Scotland awards ceremony last week.

The second series (12x15mins and 1x30mins) will be filmed over the summer on the Isle of Lewis using both studio facilities on the island as well as the backdrop of the beautiful Hebridean landscape.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Identical twins cast in The Dumping Ground

Nine year old identical twins, Nelly and Gwen Currant, from Hertfordshire have been chosen to play the roles of twin characters Toni and Billie in the new series of the popular children’s drama The Dumping Ground, which starts filming this week.

Nelly and Gwen applied via an open casting process which ran earlier this year. The twins applied via the CBBC website and sent in an audition film before coming to BBC MediaCity for a live audition. They impressed the casting team with their natural acting style, energy and the clear bond that they had with each other.

 Lis Steele, Executive Producer on The Dumping Ground, says: "Casting nine year old identical twins was set to be an incredible challenge but we were bowled over by the range and quality of auditions. Despite being newcomers to acting, Nelly and Gwen showed naturalness, a sense of fun and a terrific understanding of the show's storytelling. We are thrilled to welcome Nelly and Gwen to a very talented ensemble cast and with their flair for acting we're sure they will become long term contributors to the show."

The casting team received hundreds of applications from the length and breadth of the UK for the roles. Over 200 audition films were sent in and 60 sets of twins were invited for live auditions at BBC MediaCity. This was then whittled down to a final group of 10 before the final choice was made.

Nelly says: “I couldn't believe we'd got the parts - it's so amazing!" while her sister, Gwen adds: "Getting the parts is a dream come true!"

Nelly and Gwen’s first appearance in The Dumping Ground will be in episode three as Toni and Billie move into The Dumping Ground children’s home. Many of the other residents will also be returning, including Amy-Leigh Hickman (Carmen), Joe Maw (Johnny), Mia McKenna-Bruce (Tee), Philip Graham Scott (Harry), Miles Butler-Hughton (Tyler), Kia Pegg (Jody), Reece Buttery (Mo), Sarah Rayson (Floss), Kasey McKellar (Bailey), Stacy Liu (May-Li) and Akuc Bol (Kazima).

The Dumping Ground is a BAFTA-winning children’s drama series inspired by, and set in Jacqueline Wilson’s fictional children’s home. It is the sequel to the multi-award-winning dramas The Story Of Tracy Beaker and Tracey Beaker Returns. This third series (20x30mins) will be produced by Philip Leach while the Executive Producer is Lis Steele.

Filming starts on the new series in the North East of England this week and the series will air on CBBC in 2015.

Casting for lead role in BBC drama

Casting is underway for the lead role in Danny and the Human Zoo.

Red Production Company and the BBC are looking to cast the lead role in Danny and the Human Zoo, a new semi-autobiographical drama written by Lenny Henry.

Black male teenager of Jamaican parentage, late teens, with an authentic West Midlands accent.
An excellent mimic with the ability and willingness to learn impersonations of 70s cultural icons such as Tommy Cooper, Mohammed Ali, Elvis Presley, Harold Wilson, John Lennon, Dave Allen etc.
A comedian who is constantly entertaining his school mates, with a boyish charm and an innocence to the ways of the world.

If you're interested, please email a photo of yourself along with a CV/covering letter to the casting director, Lisa Makin, at THIS CASTING IS NOW CLOSED no later than Tuesday 24th June 2014.

Danny And The Human Zoo is a 1x90-minute fictionalised account of Lenny Henry's life as a working-class teenager in 1970s Dudley.

Made by RED Production Company for BBC One, the story centres round Danny Fearon, a talented impressionist, and his working-class Jamaican family, as he rises to fame as a stand-up comedian.

Danny’s world is a series of complex minefields which he has to negotiate.  His home life - which his ebullient mother rules with an iron fist in an iron glove; his love life - where the white Irish girl he's in love with won't give him the time of day until he wins his first competition - and finally the ups and downs of his emerging career. 
When Danny wins a talent competition at the local club he soon finds himself working the comedy circuit. Audiences can’t get enough and applaud Danny as he effortlessly morphs into Mohammed Ali, Tommy Cooper and Frank Spencer; eventually hitting the big time on TV, an unheard-of achievement for a young black boy. But an unscrupulous agent takes advantage of Danny and forces him to star in a show, which even by Seventies' standards, was a byword for racism - The Black And White Minstrel Show. Danny hits rock bottom. Having made his name by becoming other people, Danny has to save himself by finding out who he really is.

Lenny Henry says: "I'm so excited about bringing my fictional teen memoir to the nation!  I've crammed the first two years of a very long career into 90 minutes - it's gonna rock. I think , although it's not exactly what happened, that we'll get  a strong sense of what it might have been like for a young black kid from Dudley to be suddenly hurled into the maelstrom of this business we call show... Can't wait!"

Danny And The Human Zoo is a drama about a kid trying to make it big. It's a high-energy, nostalgic period piece about the decade we love to hate, and its music, fashion and television.

Hetty Feather casting news

12-year-old newcomer Isabel Clifton (represented by Sandra Singer Associates) will star as Hetty in the new CBBC series Hetty Feather adapted from the novel of the same name by Dame Jacqueline Wilson (creator of Tracy Beaker).

Isabel trains exclusively at Singer Stage School in Essex and Hetty is her first professional screen acting job. She will be carrying on the success of the school supplying lead children for shows such as Wolfblood, MI High, House of Anubis, Rocket's Island, Eastenders and Hank Zipzer.

Isabel starts filming late June. Isabel said “Sandra told me the news I had been made an offer to play ‘Hetty’ while I was helping at the stage school’s annual audition day. My best birthday present ever”.

The ten-episode series tells the story of flame-haired Victorian foundling Hetty and her adventures. A timeless and compelling tale, which brings the realities of the Victorian age – good, bad, funny and tragic – to life through the eyes of the boys and girls who inhabit the Foundling Hospital.

Also cast is Gus Barry (represented  by A&J Management) as Matthias, leader of the boys' gang,

The lead writer is Helen Blakeman and executive producer is Foz Allan.

Hetty Feather will air on CBBC in 2014/15.

Performing Arts Summer School for 6 to 21 year olds

Friday, June 13, 2014

Open casting for Dani's Castle Series 3

An open casting is being held in Belfast for two new characters to join the cast of CBBC's Dani's Castle.

Series 3 of Dani's Castle will be filmed entirely on location in Co.Down, Northern Ireland and the producers at Foundation TV are specifically looking for talent in Northern Ireland.

If you fall into the age bracket below, then the makers of hit CBBC comedy Dani’s Castle would like to hear from you.

Female: Aged 16-20 (to look 18)

Male/Female: aged 12 to 14 (to look 12/13)

Previous acting experience preferred but not essential.

The open casting will take place on Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th June in Belfast. Please note that no one will be admitted without being given a specific date and time slot – and their names must be added to the audition list in advance.

In the first instance you should contact THIS CASTING IS NOW CLOSED with a recent photo, date of birth, age, and a CV of any experience. No phone calls.

Producer Raymond Lau said: “We are looking for two new feisty characters to join our show this year. It is a fantastic opportunity to see for ourselves what untapped talent might be out there in Northern Ireland."

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Open casting for short film in Kent

An open casting session is taking place in Maidstone this Saturday for a short film called Patriot, which will be filmed in Kent between the 8th and 17th of July.

Set in a rural community, Patriot tells the story of a young girl forming a friendship with another boy of the same age from a different country. The film will be directed by up-and-coming writer and filmmaker Eva Riley-

The production team is currently working in conjunction with Hubbard Casting on auditioning local children and young people living in Kent.

Please find character briefs below-

10-12 years old, white and English. She is a tomboy and loves riding her bike.

Hannah’s older brother, 17-19 years old, white and English. Must have driver’s license. He loves keeping fit and looking after his car.

The open casting session will take place from 10:00 and 17:00 on Saturday the 14th of June in the Maidstone Community Centre, 39-48 Marsham Street, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 1HH.

No prior acting experience is required, the pay rate will be very low and will mostly cover expenses.

All enquiries please contact Michelangelo Fano

Monday, June 9, 2014

Disney open casting call - London and LA!





Please email with a current picture and resume.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Riot Club

Check out the trailer to The Riot Club (formerly known as Posh), starring Max Irons and Sam Claflin, and a host of young British actors including Holliday Grainger, Douglas Booth, Freddie Fox, Matthew Beard, Jessica Brown-Findlay and Olly Alexander.

Set amongst the privileged elite of Oxford University, The Riot Club follows Miles (Max Irons) and Alistair (Sam Claflin), two first year students determined to join the infamous Riot Club, where reputations can be made or destroyed over the course of a single evening.

Screenwriter Laura Wade has adapted her critically-acclaimed play, 'Posh', with development support from the BFI Film Fund and Film4. 'Posh' premiered at the Royal Court Theatre in London in 2010, before transferring to the West End.

The Riot Club is directed by Lone Scherfig, produced by Pete Czernin and Graham Broadbent for Blueprint Pictures, and is due out in cinemas this September.


Shooting for Socrates trailer

Check out the trailer for Shooting for Socrates starring Game of Thrones' Art Parkinson as 10 year old Tommy, and Nico Mirallegro, star of My Mad Fat Diary and The Village as footballing star David Campbell.

Set against the backdrop of the 1986 World Cup when the smallest football nation, Northern Ireland, took on the mighty Brazil in a match that briefly reunites a divided country. This is a David Vs. Goliath set in Belfast against the backdrop of the 1986 World Cup. It tells the story of a momentous time in Northern Ireland’s football history through the eyes of players, fans and the media. The film also follows the lives of passionate football supporter Arthur and his son Tommy from East Belfast. The lead up to a momentous day in the life of a young boy (his 10th birthday) mirrors the build up to the big day for the Northern Ireland football team as they play the greatest match of their lives against Brazil.

Shooting for Socrates is directed by James Erskine for New Black Films and due for release later this year.