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Casting call for exciting new TV series

Hat Hair Casting Breakdown


Hat Hair is an exciting new global TV series about two young American sisters
who embark on a summer in the UK and the trials and tribulations of their
new adventure – including friendships, boys and horse riding!

Hat Hair is being produced by Lime Pictures for a major international
streaming service.

Actors must have strong horse riding skills, and be over the age 16 with an onscreen playing age 13/14.

We are casting all ethnicities for these roles.

Please note: Series regular roles will require future options.

Production details

Production dates (eg. shoot, rehearsals): 8th August for 3 months
Production location: UK
Pay category: Equity
Executive Producer: Rebecca Hodgson (Evermoor, Rocket’s Island, Good Cop).
Producer: Angelo Abela (House of Anubis).
Company: Lime Pictures for Major International Streaming Service

Casting details

Casting Directors: Rob Kelly and Kerrie Mailey
Casting location: UK and US
Casting details: We are looking to start casting ASAP


ZOE (13/14) – Series Regular
Our heroine Zoe is brave, kind, attractive, fun and a truly gifted horse
woman… she just doesn’t know it yet. Zoe’s always been popular, she’s always
got good grades, she’s always felt like a happy kind of person… But inside she’s
often felt like something’s missing. Being cool isn’t really a big deal for Zoe,
and she really hopes there’s more to life than shopping and sleepovers.
We are looking for a genuine NORTH AMERICAN actress with strong horse
riding skills

ROSIE (8/10) – Series Regular
Zoe’s little sister. Rosie’s on a mission to bring Hollywood glamour to England.
Being the ahh-ain’t-she-cute-sister-of-Cool-Zoe had its advantages back home,
but suddenly she’s been thrust into a world with no American Eagle outlet,
limited 4G and worst of all Zoe’s new Brit friends are not cool.
Underneath it all though, Rosie’s a vulnerable 10–year old who just wants her
parents to stay together. But she rarely lets anyone in; she’s always putting on
an act.
We are looking for a genuine NORTH AMERICAN actress. Horse riding skills
are a plus.

BECKY (13/14) – Series Regular
Zoe’s new best friend. Becky is a one-million-miles-per-hour, motor-mouth,
joke-machine. With ideas going through her mind all the time, her mouth often
struggles to keep up (as does everyone else at the stables).
She’s laugh-out-loud funny, but not in a ‘she-knows-it-way’. She’s cheeky and
well-meaning, but often crosses the mark. She’s firm and stands her ground,
even when proven wrong, but has the tendency to look up to others and be
We are looking for actresses with strong horse riding skills

JADE (13/14) – Series Regular
Zoe’s new bestfriend. Jade is a walking pony encyclopedia and a voice of
reason to counter Becky’s wilder flights of fancy. There’s nothing she can’t
explain with cold hard facts and she’s always on hand with a random or useful
horsey fact. Jade excels in science and math at school but her parents are on a
mission to make her more “rounded” by forcing her to take part in musical
theatre… They’re less interested in Jade’s sporty side, and don’t really
approve of how much time she spends at the yard. But whilst Jade’s bringing
home the A grades, they can’t really stop her.
We are looking for actresses with strong horse riding skills

PIN (13/14) – Series Regular
Behind the long silences and the brooding looks, Pin’s a kind and clever boy
with a heart of gold. He’s just not that well trained when it comes to spending
time with people.
We are looking for actors with strong horse riding skills

MARCUS (15) – Series Regular
‘Boy band gorgeous with a heart of gold’
Marcus is the golden boy of the stables and Sam’s cousin. He has a deep sense
of responsibility and will do anything to help make the stables a success. He’s
a talented rider, a gifted musician and he’s super good looking.
Marcus knows that the girls call him Hot Marcus, and he wishes they
wouldn’t. He just wants to focus on riding and making music, but that’s quite
hard when you’re being followed by gangs of whispering girls…
We are looking for actors with strong horse riding skills

MIA (13/14) – Series Regular
Zoe’s nemesis. Mia’s your worst nightmare. Effortlessly gorgeous, Gossip Girl
rich, and spoilt rotten, she owns five horses and the yard and the best, handsewn
pair of breeches known to man. With a bitchy put-down for any occasion,
Mia seems to take pleasure in making others feel small and, along with lifelong
BFF Susie, she rules the roost at the stables.
We are looking for actresses with strong horse riding skills

SUSIE (13) – Series Regular
Mia’s Henchwoman. Susie’s been Mia’s BFF since they were born; their mums
were in hospital together, and their bond is even more important now Mia’s
mum is no longer with us. Loyal to a fault, Susie’s always by Mia’s side and will
happily do her bidding, even if means hurting others in the process.
Being Mia’s bf requires Susie to be pretty cutting and bitchy, but she is more
emotionally aware than Mia, and in truth she’s softer. She knows why her
friend is the way she is, and she secretly feels sorry for her.

BEN (9) – Series Regular
Ben is Becky’s younger brother, and he’s the Dreamer compared to her Joker.
Ben’s got into horses a bit later than Becky, but has learnt to gallop before he
can trot. He gets himself into many a scrape much to Becky’s annoyance and
embarrassment, and she’s always having to pick up the (often literal) pieces…

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