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The Reel Scene Graduate

Blog By Nadine Burton – The Reel Scene Graduate

Hi, my name is Nadine (Dee) Burton and I am a Reel Scene graduate. Can I ask you aspiring actors a question? Have you been struggling to succeed in the acting world? How many dead ends have you met in your struggle? Personally, I met a lot of dead ends until the day I learnt about the Reel Scene.

The Reel Scene

is a acting event that has trained and improved the skills of aspiring actors of who are now pursuing their dreams in the industry – from TV Shows to Feature Films, etc. Alex Fidelski and his team of professionals are the reasons why I am what I am today – they improved my skills and gave me the opportunity to excel. (see below “After the event what’s next”)

Initially, when I heard about Reel Scene, I was very sceptical because I have met a lot of companies claiming to offer what they could not; but on a second thought, I decided to give it a trial and went for the Reel Scene Event. Since then, my life and career changed for the better – Reel Scene is the reason for my progress in the competitive acting world. I have been involved in shows, films and I have obtained an agent and I have the tools and determination and knowledge to pursue my dreams!

Benefits of Signing Up For the Reel Scene Week-Long Event

  • Their programme is perfect for anybody. You’ll study various scripts and scenes and you’ll be able to work on your area of development.
  • You will meet and work with a professional known Director, Established Actors and Actresses of the stage and screen, who will give you coaching, guidance and that important piece of advice.
  • Acquire the knowledge and exposure needed to succeed in the industry. 
  • You’ll have the opportunity to showcase your talent before leading industry professionals, directors, agents, and performers.
  • You will be able to network with various professionals in the industry, ranging from established actresses and actors from film, TV, theatre, Writers and Directors, Casting Agents and Directors.
  • What you learn through their intensive week, many actors and actresses would not be opportune to learn for a year or more.
  • You’ll get studio time with a professional Director. 
  • You will meet and bond with actors and actresses from different backgrounds – some with previous experience, other with limited experience. Reel Scene is not just an event, it is a family; you learn from everybody.
  • By the end of the week, you will have the important tools necessary to launch your career – headshots, showreel and industry knowledge and if signed an agent!
  • Turn your talent into a career.

After the Event – What Next?

One of the best parts of Reel Scene Week is that you will continuously get support from Alex and his team, (trust me I call him frequently). The Reel Scene is creating a safe haven for actors, they truly care and they will do what they can outside the event to help get you into the industry, for example, I have since been in two pilot shows for ITV and sky!! You get invited back for networking events and you’ll be part of a social media group to help you keep in touch with everyone. Also, through the Reel Scene monthly workshops, get further training and support, advice and guidance as you continue to grow in your career.

There are three major steps to your success, which are:

1. Meet Reel Scene
2. Perfect your craft
3. Work with a professional actors, directors and agents.

If you really want to be an actor or an actress, Reel Scene Event is the best thing that will happen to you, and you would come back to thank me later for this information – I am a living testimony.

The Upcoming Event

In the month of August 2016, Reel Scene will be holding the same event that changed my life for the better. Don’t miss this event; this is your opportunity to succeed!

Click here to call or email Reel Scene for more information

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This is a sponsored blog post on behalf of The Reel Scene and does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by Screenterrier of the products or services offered.

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